IlonerinTM tetrapeptide inhibits Interleukin-1R, an inflammatory cytokine receptor, and can be used as a cosmeceutical ingredient for soothing skin.



1.In vitro transendothelial migration assay of mouse monocytes


- Ilonerin treatment decreased the extravasation of monocytes (WEHI274.1) through a monolayer of the brain vascular endothelia cell (bEnd.3) which was increased by IL-1 stimulation.





2. In vivo inhibition assay of IgE-mediated immune hypersensitivity



- After injection of IgE antibody into the vessel of a mouse (Balb/c) tail and inducing a hypersensitivity to the ear of the mouse with 2,4-dinitrofluorobenzene (DNFB), the hypersensitivity was inhibited by treatment with Ilonerin.





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