Company History


In 2009

- Established as a bio-venture company.


In 2012

- While focusing on the research and development of bio new drugs using tri-peptides, in 2012, a new business of cosmetic,

cosmeceutical and OTC drug products using SupadElixir’s own exclusively patented tri-peptides was launched.


In 2013

- 4 SE-tripeptides like Synepin, Syndermin, Binterin and Tenefrin were INCI-named and PCPC registered as cosmetic ingredients in 2013.

- Some of our major tri-peptides were registered for PCT and patents in the US, Japan, EU and China.


In 2013

- The development project of anti-inflammation and soothing cosmetic product using our Binterin anti-inflammation tri-peptide was selected as a promising subject by the Korean SMBA (Korean Small and Medium Business Administration).


In 2014

- ‘3PRYME’ serum and cream product for wrinkle enhancement was commercially produced.

- Bamboo Beauty, a whitening combo of aqua skin and lotion, was also successfully launched for the market.

- Dr Hahn soothingserum, cream and masks were also launched and started to be commercialized by our US distributor successfully.

- Some more tri-peptides were applied for PCT patents and Enfibin, Adiponin and Winhibin were INCI-named and PCPC-registered.


In 2015

- Binterin, Winhibin and Enfibin tripeptideswere applied for the US, Japan and PCT patents.

- Ilonerin tri-peptide was also INCI named and PCPC registered.

- Mitefin whitening tripeptide was selected as one of the promising development projects by SMBA.

- 4 x AquaPeelproducts, a post laser soothing product and a diet body-managing cosmetic product were also launched.

- In addition to Binterin soothing mask and serum, 3P serum was also launched for the US market.


In 2016

- 3P serum and cream, Dr Hahn soothing and several OEM/ODM products started to expand the markets to the US, South Asia and other countries.

- In addition to cosmetic markets, the market is extended to OTC drug markets in the US with a new development of analgesic, skin protectant and post-sunscreen soothing OTC products.



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