BinterinTM, an INCI named cosmeceutical / cosmetic ingredient (SE209), is a low molecular-weight tripeptide (316.3 Da) derived from CD99, an anti-inflammatory molecule that is expressed in all human cells. Binterin suppresses inflammatory processes and can soothe the inflammation areas excellently and quickly. Good for post laser treatment like CO2 fractional laser or fractional RF micorneedling or tattoo removal.




  1. Binterin also suppresses inflammatory responses by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α and IL-1


    - Binterin suppresses inflammatory cytokine-induced receptor clustering and NF-kB activation.










  2. CD99 tripeptide suppresses TNF-α-induced adhesions of the leucotyes to endothelial cells.




  3. CD99 tripeptide proves safe at repeated dose toxicity tests.






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