SupadElixir’s 30 years of R&D experiences are integrated into Hahn’s Peptide Relief Cream

that contains the peptides BinterinTM and WinhibinTM that are derived from CD99 and Sfrp5

for skin relaxation and soothing, respectively.


Core Peptide Ingredients: DUO-TRIPEPTIDE COMPLEXTM (BinterinTM & WinhibinTM)

Efficacy: Soothing, Skin texture brightening(Whitening), Anti-photoaging.

Volume: 50mg


Hahn’s Peptide Relief Cream with special duo tripeptides can fully relieve the stress

on the skin caused by UV and environmental stimuli. In addition, Niacinamide brightens your skin.

Hahn’s Peptide Relief Cream is free of pigments and any type of surfactants

from petroleum, ethanol, and so on. Therefore, it is safe on your sensitive skin.







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